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Workload Recording by Microcomputer - MAFIADOC. COM When there are a significant number of changes, keep dual records of the affected tests and provide comparative satistics in your annual report. The specifics of workload recording as defined by the CAP are as follows. the manual recording of workload raw counts and corresponding unit values.

Laboratory Workload Recording Method - Google Books Once you are comfortable with the validity of your collection system, concentrate on analyzing the data, using the CAP formulas for the three kinds of productivity: Paid productivity reflects the labor cost of laboratory operations --dollars for producing the CAP unit (technical, clerical, and aide time), as well as for all supplementary and ancillary activities. Laboratory workload recording method College of American Pathologists. Laboratory Management and Planning Committee, College of American Pathologists.

The '87 update to CAP workload recording. - Free Online Library This formula is necessary to determine overall staffing costs and to plan budgets. Free Online Library The '87 update to CAP workload recording. College of American Pathologists' Manual for Laboratory Workload Recording Method by.

Cap Workload-Recording Methode - link. Worked productivity recognizes only those hours actually spent at the workplace. Cap Workload-Recording Methode G. Schumann, Hannover und R Haeckel, Bremen. Strukturp1an eines Laboratoriums dar, der im CAP-Manual use r

CAP Workload Recording Method Request PDF It is the total number of hours worked, less the time for such nonworking paid hours as sick leave and holidays. Request PDF on ResearchGate CAP Workload Recording Method Workload Recording läßt sich nicht direkt in die deutsche Sprache übertragen. Gemeint ist eine.

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