Instruction manual for canon camera

and as it's something you'll need to hand as you start learning your way around your camera, we can supply your user guide as a proper printed book, rather than you having to read on-screen.whichever camera model you have – whether it's an EOS, powershot or Ixus – or you're looking for a lens, camcorder or printer manual, if it's made by canon we have the manual you need and can get it to you in just a few days. And that’s how the EOS shop came about – handpicking the accessories that work well, are sometimes useful, sometimes essential, and ultimately will improve your EOS photography.
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Edwards solar hot water owners manual

Had 2 solar heart ,which lasted 8 yrs only in Adelaide’s water(rusted out)Edwards 10yrs old ,only replaced thermostat. Solar Heart told me the black chrome unit (2nd one) was stainless steel WRONG.. Bought second hand replacement panels and they worked for 9 months before they failed at 7 years of age. So I thought a stainless steel tank would see me out. I wanted to get away from plain steel tanks and anodes.
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